Does CoinKey offer reduced pricing for wholesale to Hardware Stores?

 Yes. We offer a 50% discount for any purchase above 20 units for individual UPCs (12 indivudal UPCs - 6 types of coins, for KW1 and SC1. CoinKey is priced as MAP which allows all retail types a great opportunity to shelve CoinKey. If you are interested in partial orders, we would recommend either the full set of Dimes or the full set of Nickels. Having both KW1 and SC1 allows you to accommodate to 95% of customers walking into the store.

How do I know what size to choose that will match with my own House Keys?

There are two types of keys that CoinKey is currently able to work with. They make up about 95% of the market. The diagram below will show you which size to choose from. Just align your house key with the image and see whether you require a 'KW1' or an 'SC1'.

sizing chart

How do I copy my house key to create a CoinKey that will fit my front door?

Most hardware stores will allow you to bring in your house key along with the blank CoinKey. They will often copy the key for you for free, as it can be done quickly and easily at most stores. If you cannot find a store near you that will copy your CoinKey, please contact us and we will find a location nearest you that will be able to.

Can I choose a specific year for my CoinKey?

Yes. Contacting us within 24 hours of your order, we will be able to find a year for you that you would like. As some years are more rare than others, please do not hesitate to find out which years are most readily available.

Do you have any other coins besides Dimes and Nickels?

We are currently working on Pennies and Quarters. We hope to expand to numerous other coins and would love your feedback on future ideas.

What happens if I move and need a new CoinKey?

If you move within 18 months of your purchase, we will send you a brand new CoinKey of your choosing. We do require the old key to be sent back, as the coins are the most important part of the keys themselves.

Is CoinKey available at any other stores in the country?

Yes. We are currently on Amazon and on Etsy

We are looking to expand into Hardware stores and will update you as soon as we move to brick-and-mortar. Thanks!